The Artist


David D. Gallagher

For the last five years, David has been studying the jewelry industry. He began with his Applied Jewelry Professional Degree from GIA (Gemological Institute of America), and has since gone on to work with various mentors, each representing a different facet of the industry.

Drawing inspiration from nature, art, architecture, history and myth from cultures from around the world, David Gallagher’s innovative jewelry designs represent the synergy of ancient art and modern trends.

His work ethic, the quality of his jewelry and he himself can best be described by one of his favorite sayings. 


"Excellence is the minimum standard." 




Philanthropy is an intrinsic characteristic of our brand ethos. This stems from a passion for the ideals of peace and a strong belief that everyone must play an active role in creating a better future. Partnering with various organizations, we create positive change on both the local and global stage. 


"Creating a better world one piece of jewelry at a time."


Thank you for your support!